Good Wehlitz. View of the former brewery, today dining room.

An Overview of our Internships

    The internships are aimed at gaining practical experience so that the participants can get orientation and decision-making support when deciding on their future profession. All courses are divided into the main areas of technology, crafts and services.

    There are internships such as office technology, smart home or information technologies, where the focus is on the latest technology developments. The fields of electrical engineering, car mechanics, design, metal and construction are dedicated to professions in the classical craft. The practical courses in gastronomy and kitchen as well as in the hotel and catering trade, provide practical insights into the day-to-day work of service occupations.

    Vocational experiences can be collected in addition, within the internships trade and logistics or garden and forestry. Internships such as 3D-printing or E-Buggy construction are aimed at those who like to work with tinkering or technical solutions. In the practical course media production the participants experience that also in the creative range is hard work and in the practical course beauty care learn them that this topic does not exhaust itself alone in the hair care.

    Internships 3D-Print


    Discover new Technologies
    Internship Beauty-Care


    More than simply Styling
    Internship Smart Home

    Smart Home

    House of the Future
    Internship Metal-Workshop


    An universal Material
    Internship Car-Mechanic


    Looked under the Hood
    Internship Construction


    Work around the House
    Internship Electro-Installation


    Well and safety connected
    Internship Interior Construction

    Interior Construction

    Tiles, Walls and Laminate
    Internship E-Buggy-Construction


    A Vehicle is created
    Internship Media Production

    Media Production

    On the Set and in the Studio
    Internchip Gastronomy and Kitchen

    Gastronomy and Kitchen

    Really well served
    Internship Garden and Forestry

    Garden and Forestry

    Everything in the green Area
    Internship Health Care

    Health Care

    Well cared for and looked after
    Internship IT Technology

    IT Technology

    Computer, Bits und Bytes
    Internship Hotel Business and Catering

    Hotel Business and Catering

    Hospitality is the Priority
    Internship Trade and Logistics

    Trade and Logistics

    Everything at the right Place
    Internship Office-Technology


    Digital Working Life