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Regardless of whether in medical or dental technology, in specialized small series production or in the manufacture of individual parts with complex geometric shapes - the use of 3D-printing is on the advance. The combination with computer-aided design technologies offers a multitude of innovative application possibilities.

Course Duration:

3 or 4 Weeks




Basic Knowledge Computer

The structure, functionality and areas of application of a 3D printer are explained. Participants will have the opportunity to print out their own products such as key fobs or similar. Basic computer skills are an advantage when using the printing software.

Focal Points:

  • Learning to know the software
  • Preparation for assembly
  • Printer assembly
  • Electronic wiring of the printer
  • Soldering the cable heads and the printed circuit boards
  • Configuration of the printer with the software
  • Create and print preset and custom 3D models
  • Modification of the printer into a CNC machine

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