Looked under the Hood

Only in Germany there are more than 60 million motor vehicles, including 43 million passenger cars, which keep their owners mobile for work and leisure. Modern technology also has to be serviced and repaired at regular intervals. This requires both knowledge of the functioning of all components and skilled craftsmanship.

Course Duration:

3 or 4 Weeks




Basic Knowledge Mechanic

In this internship, the participants have the opportunity to search for faults in the car themselves. They learn how a combustion engine works, correct minor faults, change wheels and execute inspection and maintenance work.

Focal Points:

  • Disassembly and assembly work on the car
  • Maintenance and repair of electrical, mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems and assemblies
  • Importance of regular inspections
  • Maintenance work with refilling, changing and disposal of fuels
  • Support during maintenance and repair work on engines, chassis and electrical components
  • Function tests and maintenance work according to the manufacturer's specifications

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