Health Care

Well cared for and looked after

The much-discussed keyword is "demographic change": Increased life expectancy means that more and more people in old age are dependent on outside help. Experts predict that there will be a need for 220,000 additional full-time staff in the area of nursing care for the elderly in Germany alone by 2020.

Course Duration:

3 or 4 Weeks




Social Orientation

During this internship, the participants get to know the everyday work of nursing professions. It is important to work individually with the patients and to recognize personal needs. The conscientious documentation of the daily nursing work is also important.

Focal Points:

  • Work and interaction with patients
  • Requirements in hospitals and in home care
  • Recognizing individual needs
  • Assembly of professional nursing documentation
  • Individual activation and mobilization of patients
  • Help for personal sanitation
  • Supporting the staff in their daily tasks
  • Help for patients to ingest food
  • Recognition of emergency situations and how to deal with them

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