Interior Construction

Tiles, Walls and Laminate

When all the exterior walls of a house have been erected, the building is far from finished. Especially in the interior a lot of work has to be done. Irrespective of all machines and technologies, many classic handicraft skills will continue to be in demand in the construction sector in the future.

Course Duration:

3 or 4 Weeks




Basic Knowledge Physics

The main focus of the interior design internship is on walls and floors. It includes bricklaying and plastering work, but also the use of painting and wallpapering tools. The laying of tiles or laminate floors is also part of the interior construction.

Focal Points:

  • Construction of walls of brickwork
  • Plastering of walls with different types of plaster
  • Papering and coloring
  • Assembly of drywall walls
  • Laminate laying
  • Production of a tile mosaic
  • Working with wood

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