IT Technology

Computer, Bits und Bytes

Computers and networks have taken possession of our everyday work and life. Sophisticated systems are created on the computer as well as online content or graphic design. The basic knowledge therefore includes the safe handling of computer solutions, operating systems and application software.

Course Duration:

3 or 4 Weeks




Basic Knowledge Computer

In our internship in the field of Information Technologies the participants learn background knowledge about programming and operating systems as well as the concrete use of programs and applications.

Focal Points:

  • Paperless office with IT technology
  • Webdesign and content
  • CNC/CAD solutions (construction industry, electronics, electrical, mechanical, CNC)
  • Programming work
  • Working with networks
  • Operating systems like Windows, MAC OS X, Linux and others
  • Experience with Apple Mini Mac workstations
  • Online advertising
  • Graphic design
  • image editing with Photoshop
  • Smart-Home applications
  • IT-based security systems

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