Good Wehlitz. View from the courtyard to the gate tower.

Competent Project Partner

"Learn something reasonable!" - Whoever got this advice years ago knew exactly what was meant. Today it looks unfortunately differently. Many young people choose a profession without intensively considering the future needs for this occupation beforehand. Others decide on a course of studies without being clear about the future job opportunities after graduation.

As a result of this lack of orientation, the number of training drop-outs and drop-out students has also risen continuously in recent years. Therefore, VITALIS offers selected internships to pupils at Gut Wehlitz. With them they can get a realistic picture of their desired career direction. These experiences about requirements and work contents help them to find the right profession for their own knowledge and interests.

Guidance in the professional Future

For two decades VITALIS has been preparing young people from the Member States of the European Union for their professional future. The internships we offer take place on the premises of Gut Wehlitz in Schkeuditz near Leipzig. Specially equipped workshops and training rooms are available for the participants. For selected fields of study we work together with a large number of partner companies from business, services and crafts in our region. The courses, which last several weeks, are supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

Desired Profession and Work Routine

Our internships cover a broad spectrum of different professions. The participants get to know their desired profession in a practical way in normal working life. All internships are geared to the professional orientation of our young participants. Whether in the office, workshop or catering area, our participants can try themselves in practice everywhere and find their dream job.

International Labour Market

The aim of VITALIS is to combine the skills and needs of our participants with the requirements of the international labour market. We give them good opportunities to practice and further develop their professional knowledge and skills. This will improve their employability and make them more competitive on the European labour market.

Our Commitment

In the last two decades we have received thousands of participants from all over Europe. For many it was their first stay as young adults far away from home. Therefore, we require all participants to adhere to our guidelines on social behaviour and respectful coexistence. We expect that everyone make the most of our courses for their professional future.

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